Images by Jo-Anne McArthur. Shot on assignment for Israel Against Live Shipments.

“As we walked back to the car, I used my LitePanel to light the way in the dark, so as to avoid stepping on little crabs, washed up jellyfish, garbage, plastics, and broken glass. We walked in silence, navigating the trash and thinking about the washed-up calf, a symbol of all that’s wrong with the live shipping industry. Avi Azoulay, one of the activists I was with, summed up our thoughts succinctly: ‘What have we done?’ ” – Jo
Animals who die while being transported by sea often get thrown overboard. Their ears are usually cut off first, so that the bodies aren’t found with tags that identify their country or origin, or the boat they were travelling on. In Israel, it’s not uncommon for the bodies of cows to get washed up on shore.

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