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By making a recurring monthly donation to We Animals Media, you will become part of We Animals Allies, a critical group of supporters who help sustain our work year-round. You will be making a difference for animals by supporting our mission to bring visibility to hidden animals worldwide through compelling photography and film.

You will also be supporting our team as we embark on investigations, expand our network of international partnerships, and continue to provide the movement with free access to the 25,000+ images and video in our stock collection.

Your generous donations will help build bridges between social movements, mentor the next generation of advocate media makers, and inspire solutions that will result in a kinder and healthier world for all.

Want to know how your donation helps?
Ensures that our stock collection continues to exist as a free resource to animal advocates everywhere.
Supports the commissioning and publication of We Animals Media stories.
Assists with the purchase of new investigation equipment and repairs.
Contributes to the on-ground expenses of a photographer or videographer.
Cover the airfares of 3 photographers a year for international travel.
Gene Baur and Opie at Farm Sanctuary. New York, USA.
Have questions about your donation?
Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or reach out to us at development@weanimals.org
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