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We work with photographers, journalists and filmmakers from around the world to document the lives and experiences of animals, and how these stories connect to other issues of our time. We are also invested in documenting solutions to these problems on both a macro and micro scale.

Our current focus areas are:  

  • Animals Farmed for Food
  • Fish and Sealife
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • The Future of Food
If you are a photographer or filmmaker who would like to document these types of stories and have your work included in our stock collection, please fill out this form. Before submitting, please take a moment to explore our 2022-2023 Strategic Plan.

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Apply to our Fellowship program.

Staff Positions

Please check back at a later date for available positions.


As a small team, we can only bring on and coordinate a limited number of volunteers at one time. If you are interested in working with our team as a volunteer, please first take a look at our 2020-2021 Strategic Plan for a better understanding of our current goals, then fill out our Volunteer Form. You may not be asked to contribute your skills and time right now, but we will keep your information on file and may reach out to ask for your help at a later date.

Thanks for your interest in working with us!

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