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Jaime and Ian cuddle in the barn. These best friends and bonded just like brothers. They were rescued from severe neglect and brought to Farm Sanctuary, where they’ve been able to thrive. Farm Sanctuary, Watkins Glen, New York, USA, 2023. Jo-Anne McArthur / Farm Sanctuary / We Animals Media.


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Exposing Animal Auctions in Latin America

We Animals Media teamed up with Sinergia Animal to explore how animals are farmed for food in Chile and Argentina. The following documentation focuses on the experiences of animals at the region's auctions, where thousands of animals are subjected to cruelty and neglect every week.

Individual cattle look up from a densely crowded pen at a live animal auction facility. The Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero (SAG), the country's government agriculture and livestock service, marked the animals with stickers and paint tags before the animals were corralled into pens. In some pens, animals are so crowded they cannot move more than a few inches. Feria de Animales Fegosa, Purranque, Osorno Province, Los Lagos, Chile, 2023. Molly Condit / Sinergia Animal / We Animals Media

Documenting Dairy Farming in India

India is considered the world's largest producer of milk and is home to more than 300 million cattle and buffaloes. In collaboration with FIAPO, We Animals Media photojournalist Sudip Maiti documented common practices on dairy farms in northeastern India.

A mother cow looks around apprehensively and stands protectively beside a "Khal bacha," or dummy calf on a small dairy farm. Made from the stuffed and treated skin of her deceased calf, who died two weeks earlier, the Khal bacha convinces the mother her calf is still alive and her body continues milk production. Daihat, West Bengal, India, 2023. Sudip Maiti / FIAPO / We Animals Media

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