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Havva Zorlu’s Animal Photojournalism

After six relentless months in the field for the We Animals Media Fellowship, we are thrilled to present to you a virtual exhibit of Havva Zorlu’s impactful work.

Join us on this poignant visual journey and bear witness to the untold stories of animals in Türkiye that Havva uncovered during her Fellowship.

Photography Exhibit: Animal stories from Turkiye


We equip animal advocacy organizations and media outlets with the impactful images necessary for campaigns and animal-focused stories. Our photographers and videographers are available for assignments worldwide. Partner with us for your stories or campaigns, and see examples of our partnerships below.

Documenting Dairy Farming in India

India is considered the world's largest producer of milk and is home to more than 300 million cattle and buffaloes. In collaboration with FIAPO, We Animals Media photojournalist Sudip Maiti documented common practices on dairy farms in northeastern India.

A mother cow looks around apprehensively and stands protectively beside a "Khal bacha," or dummy calf on a small dairy farm. Made from the stuffed and treated skin of her deceased calf, who died two weeks earlier, the Khal bacha convinces the mother her calf is still alive and her body continues milk production. Daihat, West Bengal, India, 2023. Sudip Maiti / FIAPO / We Animals Media

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HIDDEN: Animals in the Anthropocene

We Animals Media’s publication, HIDDEN: Animals in the Anthropocene (2020) is an unflinching book of photography documenting our relationship with non-human animals in the 21st century.

Available in hard cover and e-book formats.

Find out more about this award-winning book, its photojournalists, and upcoming exhibitions.



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