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In support of our mission to bring visibility to hidden animals worldwide through compelling photography, Lantern Books and Jo-Anne McArthur have published two books – We Animals (2013) and Captive (2017). We Animals Media recently published a third, HIDDEN: Animals in the Anthropocene (2020). These books are living documents of our complicated relationships with animals and aim to inspire solutions that will result in a kinder and healthier world for all.

HIDDEN (2020)

An unflinching book of photography about our conflict with non-human animals around the globe, as depicted through the lenses of forty award-winning photojournalists including Aitor Garmendia, Jo-Anne McArthur, and Andrew Skowron. Through the lenses of forty photojournalists, this book shines a light on the invisible animals in our lives; those with whom we have a close relationship and yet fail to see. The stories within its pages are revelatory and brutal. They are proof of the emergency confronting animals globally, from industrial farming to climate change, and provide valuable insight into the relevance of animal suffering to human health. HIDDEN: Animals in the Anthropocene is a historical document, a memorial, and an indictment of what is and should never again be.


  • Dimensions: 320×240 mm – 12.6″ x 9.5″ portrait format
  • 320 pages
  • 4lbs 11oz
  • 204 historic images
  • 4-colour printing, 3 gatefold spreads
  • Hard cover + foil stamping & debossing
  • Printed in Italy on sustainably sourced paper
  • HIDDEN is a collectible limited edition
  • Published by We Animals Media
  • World distributor: Lantern Publishing and Media

To order a signed copy of HIDDEN or for wholesale inquiries, email books@weanimals.org.

CAPTIVE (2017)

In recent years, the role of zoos and aquaria as centres for conservation, education, and entertainment has been placed under scrutiny. McArthur’s aim is to invite us to reflect on how we see, and fail to see, one another through the bars, across the moat, or on either side of the glass. Captive is a book that will challenge our preconceptions about zoos and aquaria, and serves as a contribution to the growing analyses of the ethics of these institutions.


  • 208 pages, soft cover
  • Published by Lantern Books, edited by Martin Rowe, 2017
  • Designed by The Goggles
  • $35.00
  • ISBN 9781590565629

To order a signed copy of Captive, email books@weanimals.org.

For wholesale inquiries of We Animals and Captive, please contact Lantern Books at:

We Animals (2013)

Drawn from thousands of photos taken over fifteen years, We Animals illustrates and investigates animals in the human environment: those who are used for food, fashion, entertainment, and research, as well as the lucky few who are rescued. The book includes previously unseen photographs and a final chapter entitled “Notes from the Field”, which is a compilation of journal entries written while doing investigative work both at home and abroad.

  • 214 pages, soft cover
  • Published by Lantern Books, edited by Martin Rowe, 2013
  • Designed by The Goggles and Mika Senda
  • $35.00
  • ISBN 9781590564264

To order a signed copy of We Animals, email books@weanimals.org.

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