HIDDEN: Animals in the Anthropocene

An unflinching book of photography documenting our relationship with non-human animals in the 21st century, as depicted through the lenses of 40 award-winning photojournalists.

We Animals Media is offering a pay-what-you-can pricing option for HIDDEN’s e-book. We want HIDDEN viewed by as many people as possible. Our goal is to inspire compassion, conversation, and most importantly, change, through this collection of historic images.

Suggested price: $45.00

Minimum price: $19.00

Published by We Animals Media
Italian distributor: Safarà Editore
World distributor: Lantern Publishing and Media

Viewable in PDF format
320 pages
204 historic images
Foreword by Joaquin Phoenix
Essays by Jo-Anne McArthur, Keith Wilson and Martin Rowe
Includes bonus PDF – ‘The Way Forward’