In 2021, We Animals Media laid the groundwork to continue bringing visibility to animals far into the future. As the pandemic and uncertainty swirled around us, we found creative ways to continue our field work. At the same time, we realized that We Animals Media also needs to continue expanding its capacities as the world’s leading animal photojournalism agency.

Key highlights of 2021:

  • We launched our new, world-class animal photojournalism stock platform, which hosts over 13,000 visuals across 66 countries.
  • We now engage with a network of 57 talented photojournalists and filmmakers and are working on assignments and investigations across the globe.
  • Our latest book, HIDDEN: Animals in the Anthropocene, continues to break ground, winning two major awards and selling over 2,900 copies.
  • We continued to shape the way photojournalism tells animal stories both in media and in competitions.
  • We relaunched the Unbound Project when our movement called for the representation of diverse voices.

Watch our 2021 Year in Review video to see more of what we’ve built and achieved this past year and where we’re headed for the next two years.

Film: Chris Shoebridge, 2021
Narration: Jo-Anne McArthur

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