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Dec 6, 2021 | News

What’s behind our cameras? Who are the people doing the work and what drives them to document some of the grimmest places on earth? What is animal photojournalism and why is it taking off? Can our relationship with animals change for the better?

We Animals Media has launched on Medium to answer these very questions. Medium is a self-publishing platform (like Twitter for articles). There you can read stories by Jo-Anne McArthur and other expert animal photojournalists, by animal advocates, legal experts, scholars, journalists, and thought leaders. It’s a place for us to put into words what a camera can’t always capture.

Our first feature, by journalist Graeme Green, explores photo-activism: the importance of using photography as a means for positive change, and the challenges animal photojournalists and others face when documenting abuses.

Photo Activism - Photography With Purpose

Medium | Oct 21, 2021

Photo-Activism: Photography With Purpose

by Graeme Green

We Animals Media: Telling Animal Stories

Medium | Oct 27, 2021

We Animals Media: Telling Animal Stories

by Warren Bowen

Seeing Ourselves in Others: Anthropomorphism in Animal Photojournalism

Medium | Dec 06, 2021

Seeing Ourselves in Others: Anthropomorphism in APJ

by Jeff Sebo & Jo-Anne McArthur

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