Susie Coston with Sonny, the day of his rescue. Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur / The Ghosts In Our Machine

“People have to fall in love.”

“This was said in a conversation today with Jasper Doest and Espen Rekdal at the Norsk Naturfoto Festival 2019, as we discussed how to reach people with the important subject matter we film and photograph.
These few simple words really struck me.
As we know, it’s a never-ending quest to touch people with our work, to make them feel passionate and motivated. We introduce our audiences to protagonists. To everyday heroes. To survivors. To caring. To storytelling. To tragedies. The key is making people feel passionate. Make them fall in love.
Falling in love feels great. The fire’s in your belly. You feel moved, happy, and energetic. You want to *be* with your loved one, be it a person, a place, or a mission. That’s some gorgeous magic there.
I want to do work that makes people fall in love. And here’s what I want people to fall in love with: Caring. Taking action. And feeling fulfilled and joyful in the doing of it.” – Jo
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