In the Field: Moving Animals

“I’m not a photographer of animals, I’m a photographer for animals. I help animals through photography. Photographers are influential people with great skill, but we have enough photos in the world of beautiful wildlife. We get it. It’s time to show the harsh realities of how the rest are living.”

So begins the film about my documentation of the long-distance transport of animals, shot and produced by my talented friend and colleague Miguel Endara. Together with the organization Eyes on Animals, we spent a week at the Bulgarian-Turkish border, documenting a glimpse of the millions of animals who are transported south for slaughter. We visit a Turkish slaughterhouse too. As with virtually all of my animal work, this is not easy stuff. But this is what animal photojournalists do – create the proof that helps galvanize, and fuel change. I’m so grateful that Miguel was there (with his very heavy cameras!) to document this story so beautifully.

This is my world. Join me as I climb transport trucks, and stay quietly and diligently with animals as they go to slaughter. Join me in the dusty roads and at my little hotel room editing desk, as Miguel and I discuss animals, animal photojournalism and, ultimately, kindness.

Film: Miguel Endara, 2020

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