Changes Are On The Horizon

Apr 28, 2021News

We launched the We Animals Archive in 2017 with the goal of creating a resource for campaigners, advocates, policy-makers, educators and journalists, equipping them with high quality visuals for their necessary work on behalf of animals. Our effort to not only document, but to share these images of animal industries around the world drives all that we do at our photo agency, We Animals Media. 

Today, our comprehensive resource continues to grow and serve the movement in awe-inspiring ways. We have evolved to feature a collection of powerful video clips alongside our award-winning stills photography, and we are proud to present work from an ever-growing list of talented and inspiring animal photojournalists from around the world.

As with all stories of progress, change is a rewarding result. 

We’ve always worked to meet the evolving needs of the people who use our visuals, and we’ve been taking notes on ways we could make our platform more user-friendly

Although the pandemic has limited our ability to be in the field for the past year, we have been working away behind the scenes to make these enhancements a reality. In short, we have made it easier for you to access our visuals so that together we can continue to share the stories of hidden animals worldwide. What we’ve built is a world-class stock site. 

You’ll have a chance to explore these improvements in just a few days when we unveil the changes next week.

What can you expect from our new and improved platform?

ENHANCED SEARCH FUNCTIONALITY: You can now perform keyword searches in a variety of ways before using specialized filters to refine your results, making it even easier to find the perfect visuals for your work.

MORE CONTENT: As WAM’s capacity as a groundbreaking animal photojournalism agency continues to expand, so too will our collection of images and video clips. We will be continually building our stock resource with work from our network of international, award-winning animal photojournalists. This includes many of the powerful images from our book, HIDDEN: Animals in the Anthropocene (2020).

MORE CONTEXT: In order to better inform your work, visuals from our most recent projects will now include even more behind-the-scenes details and descriptions. 

COMMERCIAL LICENSING OPTIONS: We are excited to offer new licensing options. Our growing number of commercial partners will now be able to use our images for commercial purposes for a competitive fee. (Note that as always, our images and video will remain free for all non-commercial uses.)

DONATION INTEGRATION: We are making it even easier to financially support our work via a new, seamless integration with our donation platform.

PRINT SALES: We are thrilled to offer the option to order Fine Art Archival prints of any image in our stock collection. Additionally, images from We Animals Media Founder Jo-Anne McArthur are now available to purchase as signed edition prints.

AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS: Because we know that time constraints can be critical to your work, all registered users will be able to instantly download their desired images and/or video clips. The immediacy of this new platform capability is especially exciting.

CHOOSE YOUR DOWNLOAD SIZE: We’ve also made it possible for you to select the image or video size that best suits your needs. No more resizing and troubleshooting post-download! 

SHAREABILITY: You will now be able to share individual visuals or collections of visuals directly with others – and save them for later. This function is great for teams collaborating on projects.

USER DASHBOARD: Perhaps one of the most useful new features of our stock collection is the addition of personalized user dashboards. Each registered user will be able to view a record of their downloaded visuals (with the ability to re-download if needed), licensing terms, search history, and more. 

We look forward to making it even easier for you to access and use the visuals you need to inspire compassion, conversation, and change.

You can expect to see all of these improvements and more next week!

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