Poaching and Bushmeat Trade

Our WorkPhotos A-Z – Poaching and Bushmeat Trade 

Poaching – the illegal hunting or catching of animals – isn’t only a problem for endangered species. For example, in the Ugandan forests of Budongo alone, thousands of non-target animals are caught and killed in snares annually. Makeshift traps are placed indiscriminately in the forest and are never even found again due to the density of vegetation. Primates sometimes have the skills to disentangle themselves from snares but are often maimed in the process. Rats, duikers, and other small species are not as lucky. The lucrative bushmeat trade (meat from wild animals) threatens populations of chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, ungulates, and many other species of threatened or endangered animals. Additionally, animals are poached for their body parts to be used in traditional healing, ceremonies, and medicines.

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