Ghosts In Our Machine

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In 2013, WAM founder Jo-Anne McArthur was the subject of the animal rights documentary The Ghosts in Our Machine, directed by acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Liz Marshall. The film followed Jo-Anne in her pursuit to illuminate the lives of animals caught in the human machine. As the documentary unfolds, we meet a cast of non-human characters, used for food, fashion, research, and entertainment, as well as a lucky few who are rescued and welcomed to loving homes and sanctuary.
“Marshall and McArthur’s stories are brilliantly woven as a mirror within a mirror within a mirror: we see what the animals see, what McArthur sees, and the overarching vision of what Marshall sees in them …Ghosts will bring many of us to our knees in solidarity with the whispered prayers of the animals – and you may just find yourself rising from your knees in sparked desire to stand and do something.” – Dr. Theodora Capaldo. Former president of NEAVS
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