Bear Bile Farming and Sanctuary

More than 20,000 Asiatic Black Bears, or ‘Moon Bears’, are confined to cages so the bile from their gall bladders can be extracted for use in some types of Chinese traditional medicine and everyday household products. Subjected to painful extraction procedures and a myriad of health problems that stem from it, farmed bears live out an existence wrought with physical and psychological pain and suffering. Many who were trapped in the wild lose a limb in the process and some also have their paws severed for “bear paw soup.”  Somewhere between an average age of five to 30 years, they die from infections, cancers, and sometimes left to starvation when gall bladders are empty and they’re no longer of use to the industry.  
There is hope for the end of bear bile farming.
Spearheading the movement is Animals Asia Foundation and Free the Bears. Together, these organizations are making significant strides with campaigns that raise awareness, reduce the demand for bile, and build political support to shut down farms and retire bears to sanctuary; where hundreds are thriving today or have at least lived out their last days or years with the care and respect they always deserved. 

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