Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals Media

Unbound Project is a We Animals Media initiative that celebrates contemporary and historic women at the forefront of animal advocacy worldwide.

We invite you to join us on our journey as we get to know these incredible women and hear about their challenges, the dangers they’ve faced, their triumphs, their sacrifices, their joys and the work they do for animals.

Animal advocacy is continually evolving, growing and challenging the status quo. Unbound Project (UP) has told the stories of women from past eras whose efforts for animals are largely forgotten today and chronicles the history that is being made right now. Women’s achievements in social movements have consistently been erased or downplayed – UP documents and celebrates the women doing this work to ensure that the contribution of women to the animal protection movement is not lost.

Too often people believe that they do not have enough time, money or expertise to get involved in animal advocacy. Many of us also misunderstand what it means to be an advocate or activist. UP challenges those notions and demonstrates through these influential and pioneering women how we all can make a difference for the animals with whom we share this planet.

Unbound Project is co-founded by award-winning photojournalist and founder of We Animals Media, Jo-Anne McArthur, and Dr. Keri Cronin at the Department of Visual Arts, Brock University.